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Pancreas Transplant


About Us

At UCLA, our patients benefit from more than 20 years of experience in pancreas transplantation. We also offer one of the world's leading kidney transplant programs, for patients who require a transplant of both organs. All services take place in a caring environment.

Why Choose UCLA for Pancreas Transplant?

Our distinctive program offers personalized care, as well as experience and skill with diabetes and pancreas transplant and transplanting multiple organs. (Learn more about pancreas and kidney transplant.)

Our program provfides:

  • Outstanding outcomes combined with personal care: The UCLA Pancreas Transplant Program strives to develop a personal relationship with our patients, in addition to providing excellent care. Patients who receive a pancreas and kidney transplant see all physicians in one clinic, to avoid multiple appointments and to make the most of your care. Read more about our approach to care.
  • Pancreas transplant simultaneous with or after kidney transplant: We provide two types of pancreas transplantation:
  • Pioneers in auto islet transplant: UCLA is an innovator in autologous islet transplantation. We are one of only a few centers worldwide to perform this procedure, which returns a patient's insulin-producing islet cells after a failing pancreas is removed. Read more about auto islet transplant.

  • Multi-organ expertise: We offer our pancreatic transplant program in tandem with our outstanding kidney transplant program. UCLA's kidney transplantation program is one of the world's largest, with 6,300 kidney transplants performed, as well as hundreds of combined pancreas and kidney transplants. Our highly experienced kidney transplant surgeons work hand-in-hand with our pancreas surgeons during pancreas and kidney transplants.

Learn more about pancreas transplantation.

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