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Kidney Transplant


Living Donor Kidney Transplant

UCLA is one of the leading programs on the West Coast offering living donor kidney transplantation for adult kidney transplant and pediatric kidney transplant patients. This procedure is one way our commitment to innovation, research and trials makes transplant available to more people.

What Is a Living Donor Kidney Transplant?

Donor Questionnaire
If you are interested in becoming a prospective living donor, please complete a confidential, online health history questionnaire before coming in for an evaluation. Visit our online questionnaire at:
Learn more about our kidney exchange program
Learn more about Kidney Exchange

For a living donor kidney transplant, surgeons remove one kidney from a living donor and transplant it in the recipient.

The living donor usually is a relative or close friend, but anyone who is medically healthy can donate a kidney. After the transplant, both donor and recipient can function normally with one kidney each.

Why Choose UCLA for Living Donor Kidney Transplant?

Our extensive experience in living donor kidney transplantation makes us a trusted choice. We offer:

  • Dedicated living donor selection team: Specialists work with potential donors, with the goal of thorough and objective evaluation. About 20 percent of potential donors complete a donation after evaluation. We urge all interested donors to contact us for evaluation.
  • Expertise in transplant and kidney surgery: Our team provides expert surgical and medical care for living donor transplant pairs, before, during and after transplant.
  • Adult and pediatric care in one facility: Few facilities offer pediatric care and adult care in the same program. At UCLA, the living donor and recipient stay in the same hospital and are cared for by the same team. This makes recovery easier and less stressful for children and adults alike.

  • Transition to adult care: We care for all of our transplant patients before and after your transplant - from childhood through adulthood, in one facility. Learn more about our process for the transition to adult care.

  • Kidney Exchange Program: Children and adults who are unable to receive a kidney from a loved one or friend have the opportunity at UCLA to receive a living-donor organ through an exchange among incompatible donor-recipient pairs.

  • Incompatible Blood Type: Some living-donor transplants are possible even if they involve blood group (ABO) or tissue antigen (HLA) incompatible pairs. Read more about incompatible blood type kidney transplant.

  • Testing and desensitization: The UCLA Immunogenetics Center, a World Health Organization reference laboratory for HLA typing and crossmatch testing, provides expert analysis to increase the odds of successful organ transplants.

Information for Living Kidney Donors

Living donor transplant recipients are evaluated and approved for transplant just like traditional kidney transplant recipients.

The living donor transplantation procedure includes:

  • Together, the patient, donor and surgery team choose a date for the surgery.
  • The donor surgery takes place simultaneously with the recipient transplant.
  • The donor's kidney is surgically removed at the same time that surgeons remove the recipient's failing kidney.
  • The surgery takes approximately three to four hours for the donor and for the recipient.
  • We remove 95 percent of donor kidneys laparoscopically, through small incisions in the abdomen.
  • Donors usually return home within a day or two, and return to work within three weeks.
  • The recipient stays longer to care for other medical needs.

 Learn more about living kidney donation, in English or Spanish. [PDF]


Donor Forms

pdf file download Donor Information

pdf file download Donor Information in SPANISH

pdf file download International Living Donor Questionnaire

pdf file download International Living Donor Questionnaire in SPANISH

pdf file download International Living Donor Questionnaire in Tagalog

pdf file download Discharge Info for Kidney Living Donors

pdf file download UCLA Kidney Exchange Program brochure

pdf file download Programa de intercambio renal de UCLA


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