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Kidney Transplant


For Physicians

At UCLA, we also work closely with referring physicians to provide consistent care for your patients with serious kidney disease or kidney failure.

To Refer a Patient or Receive Answers

UCLA physicians are available to consult with you regarding patient care opportunities or referral. We offer several ways to reach us:

  • Call the UCLA Kidney Transplant Center: (310) 825-6836 (adult) or (310) 267-6929 (pediatric)
  • Call the Physician to Physician Access Line (P2P) at (844) 4UCLADR (482-5237) or visit our Physician to Physician Access Line page at uclahealth.org/p2p

Why Choose UCLA for Patients Who Need Kidney Transplant?

UCLA offers one of the largest and most successful programs in the world for kidney transplant, with physicians and patients seeking us out from across the region, the nation and the globe. Our UCLA surgeons care for a wide range of cases, including the most challenging.

We offer:

  • Highly specialized team: UCLA's experience brings together:
    • Medical specialists and surgeons who are fellowship-trained in nephrology and kidney transplant surgery
    • Dedicated transplant coordinators
    • Social worker and dietician
    • Seamlessly coordinated care from other UCLA experts in radiology, oncology and other sub-specialties
  • Outstanding outcomes: Our graft and patient survival rates regularly rank higher than the national average for both pediatric kidney transplant and adult kidney transplant.
  • Surgical expertise: Our fellowship-trained surgeons are highly skilled in complex and advanced procedures, including multi-organ transplantation and the full range of open and minimally invasive surgical techniques.
  • Expertise with challenging cases: Our physicians firmly believe each patient's situation is unique and deserves rigorous evaluation. Our breadth of experience and resources allow us to take on cases that are ineligible at some transplant programs, including:
    • Multivisceral transplantation
    • Urinary tract or bladder reconstruction
    • Special blood products for patients with hepatitis C or HIV exposure
  • Top-ranked patient care: Your patients benefit from the technology and sophisticated services of one of the nation's top hospitals. UCLA Health consistently ranks among the top five hospitals in the nation, and the Best in the West, according to U.S. News & World Report's annual Best Hospitals survey.

Our physicians and researchers have made major advances in kidney transplant and transplant of other organs. Read more about our research and clinical trials.

Coordination with Referring Physicians

Our program provides complete patient support at every stage of treatment, from evaluation through follow-up, with ongoing updates to referring physicians:

  • Physician communication: We utilize a number of tools to keep referring physicians updated on their patients' treatment, including access to a physician portal and videoconferences. We always schedule a phone call to discuss results after transplant surgery.
  • Physician support: Three months after the transplant procudure, adult kidney transplant patients return to their referring physician- and continue to be seen every 3 months during the first year, and then annually after that if everything goes well. UCLA's medical team is always available to consult or provide additional expertise to physicians.
  • Patient portal: All patients have access to our portal to communicate with physicians, access test results and track appointments.
  • Rehabilitation and follow-up: Our rehabilitation and follow-up protocols help patients return home as soon as possible. Our team is especially skilled at managing pediatric patients through the difficult transition to self-care, including challenges presented by developmental delays. For the rest of their lives, we are here when you or your patients need us.


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