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Adult Kidney Transplant

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Adult Kidney Transplantation at UCLA

The UCLA Adult Kidney Transplant Team includes specialists in:

  • Adult nephrology
  • Urologic surgery
  • Psychiatry
  • Dialysis
  • Medical ethics
  • Nutrition
  • Social work
  • Specialized nursing
  • Transplant coordination

Our team of specialists is supplemented by experienced consultants in pathology, interventional radiology, pulmonary and cardiac medicine, immunology and infectious diseases, as well as the full services of the faculty and staff of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. The team assumes responsibility for primary care during hospitalization for the transplant and immediate after-care, and remains an ongoing resource for transplant patients and their primary care physicians.

Our Expert Team

Adult Kidney Transplant Team

How to Schedule Your Evaluation Appointment at UCLA

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical CenterContact us

Adult Kidney Transplant Program (310) 825-6836

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is my care coordinated between Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and my kidney doctor?
  2. What happens at the evaluation appointment?
  3. What are my transplant options?
  4. What if I'm a candidate for a kidney/pancreas transplant?
  5. How do I prepare for transplantation?
  6. How long will I be in the hospital?
  7. Who will take care of my health needs after I leave the hospital?

Adult Kidney Transplant Links and Downloads

Donate Lifepdf file download Living Kidney Donor Intake | Formulatio de Inscripción Para Donante Vivo de Riñón (Español)

pdf file download Transplant History

pdf file download Transplant Process

pdf file download Waiting for Your Transplant

pdf file download Nutrition Before Transplantation

pdf file download Staying fit with Kidney Disease

pdf file download Hepatitis and HIV and Kidney Transplant

pdf file download Taking Care of Your New Kidney

pdf file download Social Work Role

pdf file download Social Work Checklist

pdf file download Hotels in the UCLA Area

pdf file download Additional Resources

Adult Kidney/Pancreas Transplant

pdf file download Patient Education for Kidney / Pancreas Transplantation

Miscellaneous Publications

pdf file download What every patient needs to know

pdf file download Partnering with your Transplant team: The Patient Guide to Transplantation

pdf file download Q&A about a Change in Kidney Allocation Policy

pdf file download Q&A for Transplant Candidates and Families about Multiple Listings and Wait Time Transfer

pdf file download MEDICARE COVERAGE of Kidney Dialysis and Kidney Transplant Services (Medicare)

Sample Consent Forms

pdf file download Extended Criteria Donor Information | Información Sobre el Criterio Amplio Para la Selección de Riñones (Español)

pdf file download Donor Nephrectomy | Nefrectomia del Donador (Español)

pdf file download Kidney Transplantation | Transplante de Riñón (Español)

The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) provides a toll-free patient services lines to help transplant candidates, recipients, and family members understand organ allocation practices and transplantation data. You may also call this number to discuss problems you may be experiencing with your transplant center or the transplantation system in general. The toll-free patient services line number is 1-888-894-6361.

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