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UCLA Kidney Transplant Program

Kidney and Kidney/Pancreas Transplantation at UCLA

UCLA’s Kidney Transplant program is the premier operation of its kind in the world.

Kidney-Pancreas Transplant TeamKidney transplantation improves the longevity and quality of life for many patients with end-stage renal disease. UCLA performs living and deceased donor kidney transplants on approximately 300 adult and pediatric patients a year. The one and three year transplant success rates have been better than expected for 15 years running, earning the Program a first-rate reputation for its innovative clinical research, academic excellence, and unparalleled record of success.

UCLA is one of the early pioneers in the field of dialysis and kidney transplantation. The Kidney Transplant Program began in 1963, and UCLA performed some of the very first successful kidney transplants in the United States. During the first three years of the Program, 50 transplants were performed. To date, UCLA has performed more than 6,000 successful kidney transplants. The combined Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program is specifically for patients with end-stage renal disease and Type 1 diabetes.

The Program’s interdisciplinary approach to kidney transplantation, uniquely integrates surgical, medical, and clinical specialists to engage in the continuous care and management of the patient through every stage of a successful kidney transplant. With the full resources of a major academic medical center, we offer transplant services to patients with complex medical conditions. Innovative programs have been developed to minimize the risk of living kidney donation and provide patients with the best chance of finding a compatible donor.

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A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to implant a healthy kidney into a patient with kidney failure. Visit our Health Library to learn more

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By combining the resources of the UCLA Immunogenetics Center, a Kidney Exchange Program, Desensitization, and Blood Type Incompatible transplantation, we have a very high chance of finding a suitable match for our patients.

To make an appointment with a UCLA Kidney Transplant Physician, please call: (310) 267-6929 (Pediatric) or (310) 825-6836 (Adult).
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Kidney Transplant Services

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  • Pediatric Kidney Transplant Program - (310) 267-6929
  • Adult Kidney Transplant Program - (310) 825-6836

For Physicians and Healthcare Professionals:

  • View UpdateClinical Update: New hope for kidney failure patients with sensitized immune systems

    As many as a quarter of all patients with kidney failure have sensitized immune systems - or immune activation against other people - that complicate their ability to receive donor kidneys.
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  • View UpdatePhysicians Update: High Marks for UCLA Kidney Transplant Program
    UCLA’s kidney-transplant program has achieved the highest three-year graft survival rate in the country among programs that perform more than 80 kidney transplants per year — 91.68 percent — according to the Scientific Registry for Transplant Recipients, which monitors national transplant data for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Incompatible Blood Type Kidney Transplant
    View UpdateUCLA’s Kidney Transplantation Program performed some of the earliest transplantations in the United States, and for more than 50 years has been a national leader in both clinical research and academic excellence. UCLA is one of the largest kidney transplant programs in the country, performing more than 300 transplantations each year.
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The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) provides a toll-free patient services lines to help transplant candidates, recipients, and family members understand organ allocation practices and transplantation data. You may also call this number to discuss problems you may be experiencing with your transplant center or the transplantation system in general. The toll-free patient services line number is 1-888-894-6361

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