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Post Liver Transplant

Congratulations on receiving your liver transplant at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center! 

You now may look forward to regaining your health and returning to a productive life. 

To ensure your success in caring for your new liver, it is very important that you read and understand the information presented in this booklet. 

An outpatient transplant coordinator will conduct at least one teaching session with you before you are discharged to review the information in this manual and to assist you and your caregiver/s in fully understanding it. 

It is required that at least one family member or significant other must be present for the teaching session.  You are encouraged to write down any questions you have about the material before you meet with your coordinator.  You will not be discharged from the hospital until at least one family member or significant other has read this booklet and has participated in the teaching session. 

Success after your liver transplant depends on your understanding and compliance with regard to the topics in this booklet and good communication with your outpatient transplant coordinator.

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