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UCLA Transplantation Services


Our Expert Team


Pancreas Transplant

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Transplant Coordinators

  • Myrlin Agunod, R.N., M.A
    Myrlin Agunod, R.N., M.A
    Living Donor Coordinator
  • Ilana Berg, R.N.
    Ilana Berg, R.N.
    Kidney Transplant Coordinator
  • Mishon Gatica, R.N.
    Mishon Gatica, R.N.
    Pancreas Transplant Coordinator
  • Maha Grissom, R.N.
    Maha Grissom, R.N.
    Inpatient Coordinator
  • Elisabeth Hands, R.N., CCTC
    Elisabeth Hands, R.N., CCTC
    Inpatient Coordinator
  • Prest Oshodi, R.N.
    Prest Oshodi, R.N.
    Kidney Transplant Coordinator
  • Angela Phelps, R.N.
    Angela Phelps, R.N.
    Inpatient Coordinator
  • Jean Santos, L.V.N.
    Jean Santos, L.V.N.
    Assistant Transplant Coordinator
  • Ada Van den Vlekkert, L.V.N.
    Ada Van den Vlekkert, L.V.N.
    Assistant Transplant Coordinator

Other Specialists

  • Isabel Hong, MSW
    Isabel Hong, MSW

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